Confidence scents calm other deer. It brings them around and makes them feel comfortable and less on edge. This makes it easier to bring both bucks and does close in a relaxed mood and makes shots easier.

Lucky 7 - Nanny Doe Synthetic is a great option for a confidence scent. Use on drags, around your stand, when installing trail cams and when baiting or putting in a mineral site. Other deer will want to be in a such an area, one deemed safe by a protective mature doe. This excellent scent smells exactly like mature doe urine.

Synthetic formula requires no special storage, no refrigeration and will never go bad. Forget some in your pocket after the season? No problem, it will still be perfect next season. Legal in all 50 states, even where real deer urine is banned. If you ever wanted to try a confidence scent and attractant, this one is sure to be #1 on the market soon.

Big 4 oz bottle.

  • Confidence Scent Mimics a Wary Mature Doe
  • Extreme Shelf Life/ Easy Handling
  • Cannot Spread CWD
  • Extremely Effective All Season Long
  • Also Makes a Great Cover Scent

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Lucky 7 - Nanny Doe Synthetic

  • Brand: Lucky 7
  • Product Code: L7NDS4OZ
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