Nelson Creek Outdoors has taken its expertise in synthetic scent technology and created the most realistic hog in heat synthetic scent on the market! You want to attract hogs? This new lure will bring them in.

Lucky 7 - Synthescent Hog In Heat - HOT PORK almost perfectly replicates estrus hog urine at the peak of her cycle, plus it has added synthetic pheromones to maximize its performance. Effectively brings in both boars and sows while disguising human odor as well.

Use in all the ways you use real pig urine: in brush, in drippers, on drags and in scrapes. Requires no special storage, no refrigeration and will never go bad. Forget some in your pocket after the season? No problem, it will still be perfect next season. Great performance and easy handling, you need to have this scent in your hog hunting arsenal.

Big 4 oz bottle.

  • Heat Up Your Hunt, Mimics A Hot Hog In Estrus
  • Extreme Shelf Life/ Easy Handling
  • Synthetic Pheromone Technology
  • Extremely Effective All Year Long
  • Brings In Both Boars and Sows

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Lucky 7 Synthescent Hog in Heat - HOT PORK

  • Brand: Lucky 7
  • Product Code: L7HIHHP4OZ
  • Availability: 8
  • $15.99

  • 2 or more $13.49 each

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