Real urine scents have been banned in many areas and other restrictive ordinances are being added. To combat this, we have created a near identical synthetic version of Lucky 7 - LOVE POTION #7. This is a doe in heat and rutting buck urine blend that drives the big bucks crazy. This estrus scent signals the bucks that there is a ready doe nearby, and he needs to beat the competition to her. He will act on it that belief right now!

Use this great scent when the early rut begins, all the way through to the end. Perfect for mock scrapes, scent drippers and other scent dispensers like the Buck Cage. It is the perfect scent to draw in that Big Buck during the rut.

This is a 2 ounce bottle. Use liberally. Will never go bad or spoil, no refrigeration necessary.

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Lucky 7 - Love Potion #7 Synthetic Whitetail Urine Estrous Blend

  • Brand: Lucky 7
  • Product Code: L7LP72OZBOTSYN
  • Availability: 12
  • $9.99

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